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This community is devoted to the simpsons. Perhaps the greatest comedy ever! You can talk about news, bring up topics like "what is your favorite homer line?", trivia, start games, post your collection of simpsons merchandise, review the episodes, fanart, post icons and graphics, and many other things. I hope to keep this community light hearted and fun. Please, do not post anything insulting or obscene. Hopefully if i get plenty of members i can start some games to make the community more fun. i also don't want to limit the simpsons. you may also talk about futurama or any of the shows and movies the simpsons have parodied. make sure it is under the intrests or has been mentioned on the simpsons before you post.

Here are some questions you can post when you first join to help you introduce yourself.
Do you own a lucky red hat?
Have you ever wondered what three eyed fish tastes like?
Did the Vampire Burns scare you?
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fun with action figures!

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