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Wiggums at Krusty Burger

Hi everyone! I've only just joined, so I'll introduce myself a bit. I'm a girl and I study graphic design. I'v been watching The Simpsons for a long time, and it still makes me laugh, though I don't follow it very devotely anymore.

For school, I need a screenshot of a certain episode. It's the scene were Chief Wiggums and his colleagues go eating at a Krusty Burger, but Wiggums can hardly get between the bench and the table coz he's so overweight. Is there anyone who has it on dvd and can make a screenshot for me, or know where I could find a screenshot? I've tried to look through some framegrab archives, but it's very hard to find that particular screenshot, so if anyone could do this for me, it would be a great help.

Thank you :)
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